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Summer is coming, get back in the water!

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Incontinence shouldn't keep you out of the pool, but you may have to plan for proper protection for the health and safety of everyone.

Urine is mostly sterile and does not need any special care, but if you want some light protection on the way to the pool Swimmates disposable swim pants is a great option. They don't swell up like a diaper or standard pull-up but offer just enough absorbency to keep you dry until you're all wet anyway!

Swimmates at Amazon:

Wearing Diapers for a More Active Life

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Some people think that wearing diapers will restrict their daily life. The truth is actually the opposite. My level of incontinence can be managed by wearing a pull-up undergarment, but if I do so I am limited to a couple hours of out-of-home activity before I need to change, something I don't like to do in public restrooms.

On the other hand, when I am wearing a quality diaper I can be out and about for many hours without fear of leaks or accidents. Today's disposables come in options to last up to 8-12 hours, putting music festivals and extended outings back on the table. Super-absorbent diapers also eliminate the need for public restroom changes most of the time.

Even cloth diapers or all-in-one washables can provide longer protection than undergarments or pads.

So, if you need incontinence products, or want the security of knowing you are protected: diaper up! Be comfortable, confident and dry.

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