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Nadia Sawalha mortified after wetting herself on Loose Women

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Nadia Sawalha has opened up about the horror of wetting herself on the Loose Women set – and how it sparked her to get help for incontinence.

The actress and TV personality was left mortified on set of the ITV daytime favourite after laughing so hard she wet herself, with the audience seeing it happen. Speaking to The Mirror as part of fronting the Let’s Pee Honest campaign, she remembered the horrifying public slip up and said: ‘A crew member went head over heels backstage, I burst out laughing and just gushed.

‘I was wearing gold trousers and everyone on the front row saw.’ ‘When we went on air, the girls said, “Nadia wet herself!”,’ she added – but this wasn’t the first time that she’d had an accident in public. Recalling a moment where she had to take her daughter to the hospital, it happened again.

‘All these people in the waiting room had been looking at me, knowing I’m on TV, and I had to get up and walk past all of them,’ she said. ‘I couldn’t stop thinking the next time they saw me on telly they’d go, “Oh God, that’s the woman who sat opposite me at the hospital and p***ed herself.”’ Eventually, the star sought help for incontinence, which had started shortly after having her children.

It occurs to one in three women in their lifetime, and Nadia found the treatment came in a pair of £249 electrical pants by Innovo. Improving her pelvic floor cleared the problem up, and now she’s encouraging people to speak up with their own bladder weakness problems to alleviate the symptoms.

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  • Nadia Sawalha mortified after wetting herself on Loose Women
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