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Why did my wife start wetting the bed?

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By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I have been married for 16 years now. Last year, my wife started urinating on bed on and off but now it is every night. Is it because she sleeps a lot or because she delivered six children including twins?

Dear Galikuno,
Bedwetting, (nocturnal enuresis) is the unintended passage of urine on the bed during sleep.

It is unlikely that your wife was bedwetting before and hid it from you. It could also be that she had stopped but resumed... Secondary bedwetting like in your wife’s case, may result from a urinary tract infection, a condition such as diabetes or a condition of producing too much dilute urine because of problems producing brain hormone antidiuretic hormone called diabetes insipidus (water diabetes). Other causes include an abnormality in the organs, muscles, or nerves involved in urination, injury or disease of the nervous system, emotional problems including stressful home life, chronic constipation, sleep problems including snoring (sleep apnea), overactive bladder where bladder muscles squeeze too often even when one is not in need of urinating and drugs including sleeping pills or those for mental health issues. Some of the above causes are only temporary may not be the cause.

It may be assumed that if a woman has many children, then the pelvic muscles and the urinary system will weaken risking bed wetting which is more imagined than true. However, many offspring and old age can cause genital prolapse risking urinary problems.

Also, a woman can leak urine because of developing a connection between the bladder and vagina (usually related to child birth) in what is called vesical-vagina fistulae which can leak urine day and night but not night only hence leading to bed wetting.


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