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Diapers: The Fetish That Isnít Always a Fetish

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By Elfy

Iíll be the first to say that diapers are sexy. They are hot, exciting, intriguing, arousing and everyone other synonym for erotic I can think of. Whether it is looking at pictures of half-naked men and women showing off their diapers or stories telling fantastical tales of diaper humiliation and punishment for a great many of us the idea of padding around our waists is a great turn on.

Some people like just wearing them and some like using them. One thing 99% of ABDLs have in common is loving that wonderful feeling. For many of us our first experiences with diapers in a fetish sense was one of profound excitement and for the people with male genitalia that could often present a large and hard problem.

But what about when there is no sexual feelings involved in diapers? Is it really possible that people would choose to wear diapers with no sexual component? (Spoiler alert: The answer is yes.)
Debates have raged for years on what exactly diapers are and mean to different people. Arguments over what being ABDL is and means is rife across communities and there are as many answers as there are diaper wearers. For some a diaper is nothing more than a prop for sexual gratification, for others it is purely for comfort and the largest group is probably in the middle.

Wearing diapers can be a very relaxing experience. Iím sure many of us have had times where weíve been at work, school or just otherwise out of the house and all we want to do is get home to put a diaper on.
Diapers can provide so much more than just sexual thrills. I am a very sexual person but even I appreciate diapers in other circumstances. At times of great stress they have a magnificent calming effect, one that I canít explain but undeniably exists. I know many ABDLs feel similarly, I see it online all the time, people who will ďpad upĒ the moment they get home. Laying on a bed with hands resting on the soft plastic can be heaven for many of us.

One group diapers are great for are those of us suffering from anxiety. No doubt my story is very specific but I think a lot of people will have had experiences or circumstances where they would be similarly helped. Iíll give you my example but everyone will have their own story to tell.
I have had more than one experience where I was out and about when I was overcome by a sudden need for the toilet. Iím not proud to say there have been times where I havenít made it in time. I started to suffer from agoraphobia to a degree, leaving the house was terrifying and I absolutely had to know where all the nearby bathrooms were. It was horrible and it is something that Iím still not over though Iím getting better.

Iím sure many of you can see why diapers would be such a help in that situation. Whilst wearing a diaper and having a change in my bag I am more confident to leave the house knowing that any accidents will be contained and I can find a place to change without being so panicky about an embarrassing public accident.

It doesnít stop there though! The great calming effect of diapers has spread to other areas of my life. I rarely go to the doctor or the dentist without padding around my waist. If Iím ever worried or nervous about something I know a diaper will help calm me down a lot.

It is my view that a fetish doesnít have to be sexual. For many outside the community the idea of a diaper fetish conjures up images of the most sordid kind. People will automatically think about fat old men being creepy and soiling themselves. They will imagine the grossest situations and often associate the people doing that with very unseemly activities. Thereís nothing wrong with being a fat old man by the way, I aspire to be one myself one day, and there is certainly no problem with enjoying diapers sexually.

The public think about perverts exposing diapers in public. They think about all the negative news items and television shows made to exploit us like a freak show.

What the public donít think about is the people who find great emotional comfort in the padding. They donít think about the many, many people who wear without affecting anyone else, they donít think about the people who can walk around with a smile on their face just because of the comfort given to them by their underwear.
I donít know what percentage of people wear diapers for comfort. I suspect itís a lot though because many who primarily enjoy diapers sexually will still often wear even when there is no expectation of sexual gratification at the end of it.

I think that to a certain extent nearly everyone into ABDL has a deeper connection than mere physical sensation. Most fetishes can only be enjoyed in a sexually charged manner but diapers seem to be different. Whether you are fully into the ďlittleĒ lifestyle or just a diaper lover who likes to wear whilst watching the football there is something drawing people to those diapers that goes beyond sex

There are few things more relaxing than lounging on the couch with a diaper on and watching whatever is on television. Iím sure we all have our own ďdreamĒ scenarios of where and when we wear but I imagine a surprising amount of them involve just pure relaxation.

The basic message I want to put out here is to be proud of wearing diapers no matter why you do it. Consider yourself lucky to have found this love of diapers! Donít let anyone shame you for enjoying diapers sexually or non-sexually, we are all brothers and sisters who share a common love of padding even if they are for vastly different reasons.
Diapers provide great emotional, mental, physical and sexual support. They can give you whatever you need so if you ever feel the need to wear, in the words of a popular sportswear company, JUST DO IT!

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