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Caregiving educational series - PG Picks: Top rated underpads for the bed

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Underpads (or Chux) are an important fail safe as part of managing nighttime incontinence.
Used in conjunction with premium overnight diapers / briefs / underwear, underpads (whether reusable or disposable) can provide an extra layer of security against nighttime leaks in bedding and subsequent excessive laundering. Sizes and cost will vary (larger sizes covering more area contain more material and are more expensive) and smaller underpads can also be very effective on a wheelchair, sofa or chair when there's heavy daytime incontinence.

Most top-rated pads offer three or more layers for significant absorbency and a soft-to-the-touch outer barrier that stays dry. Odor prevention is another top feature in the very best underpads. Air-permeable underpads are necessary to prevent skin breakdown when an immobile caree spends more than 18 hours a day in the bed. From a cost and environmental perspective, reusable underpads can be washed and reused to save money and to prevent additional landfill waste. These are our Parentgiving Picks for Underpads:

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  • Caregiving educational series - PG Picks: Top rated underpads for the bed
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