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Dax Shepard Wants to Wear Diapers

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LOS ANGELES — Dax Shepard, a tired dad who hates waking up in the middle of the night to pee, was floating an idea. Adult diapers: What’s the downside?

To explain: The actor is 44 now. He just wrapped the first season of “Bless This Mess,” an ABC comedy in which he stars with Lake Bell, and “Spin the Wheel,” a game show set to premiere on Fox in June.

With his wife, the also-busy actress Kristen Bell — she just finished filming Hulu’s “Veronica Mars” revival and is now voicing Princess Anna for Disney’s “Frozen II” and shooting Season 4 of NBC’s “The Good Place” — Shepard is a 50-50 parent to their two young daughters, Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4. Padman, often a voice of reason, felt the diaper plan ill-considered. What if he should find himself sleeping in a group setting — say, in the midst of an apocalypse? “I concede that if there’s an apocalypse, this is a bad idea,” Shepard replied.

“What if you want to get frisky in the middle of the night?” Padman asked. “I’m 44,” Shepard said. “We’re married. There’s no way we’re getting frisky in the middle of the night.”

What if he should find himself in bed with Scarlett Johansson? (Consensually, of course.) “Then I’ll make an exception,” Shepard joked. “I’ll remove my diaper, and I’ll do it in a very sexy manner.”

Shepard and Padman were in “the attic,” an improvised studio above a tiny garage on the grounds of an expansive property in Los Feliz where Shepard and Bell are remodeling a home. (The family does not yet live there.) The compound is mostly a construction site, save for the garage, a large trampoline and two dune buggies parked nearby.

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  • Dax Shepard Wants to Wear Diapers
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