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Parentgiving Introduces Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear

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Parentgiving Inc., a retailer of caregiving products for the aging, announced the launch of their first private label product, Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear, a premium incontinence product designed to provide seniors with the best absorption capacity on the market and caregivers with the best value in premium incontinence.

"Premium incontinence products are the fastest growing segment in our caregiving products space," says Parentgiving CEO David Spain. "As caregivers ourselves, we want to provide family caregivers with a better choice for their loved ones - competitively-priced, comfortable, and super-absorbent incontinence underwear." Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear is 10 years in the making - Parentgiving has been selling the best caregiving products for its entire history and over the past three years, the company actively prepared for this launch. Employees studied thousands of customer surveys, reviews, and product rating data to prepare the company's own product specifications and attributes. In addition, the company visited every major adult diaper factory in the U.S. to understand the manufacturing and quality processes.

The underwear's exceptional absorbance capacity means less leaks and less changes a day, bringing comfort to aging parents and reassurance to family caregivers. "Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear is engineered to be our best value in premium adult incontinence," Spain adds. "The product is feature laden, but our critical metric is absorption capacity under pressure, which best replicates real world application of extended periods of lying down (overnight) or being seated."

Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear tests for over 40 ounces of absorption capacity, three times the absorbency of incontinence underwear found at brick and mortar stores and far more than competing premium products. The end result is a premium product designed by caregivers to help people provide better care for their aging parents.

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