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Summer is coming, get back in the water!

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Incontinence shouldn't keep you out of the pool, but you may have to plan for proper protection for the health and safety of everyone.

Urine is mostly sterile and does not need any special care, but if you want some light protection on the way to the pool Swimmates disposable swim pants is a great option. They don't swell up like a diaper or standard pull-up but offer just enough absorbency to keep you dry until you're all wet anyway!

Swimmates at Amazon: Bowel incontinence on the other hand needs to be managed, and swim diapers are not just a perfect solution, but are required for incontinent swimmers at public pools, water parks and other community pools.

One option is the Discovery Trekking Swim Diaper from XP Medical. These washable, reusable swim diapers offer excellent fit and superb construction quality. They are crafted of an exceptionally sturdy and stretchy material that is waterproof on the outside, yet lightly flocked with absorbent fleece on the inside. Velcro side closures provide a tailored fit and allow changing without removing shoes and pants.

Another option is a diaper cover with a close-fitting design and a cloth liner to help contain messes. A great example of these are the Comfort+ diaper covers from Bigger - - These pull on pants have elastic at the waist and legs, a waterproof outer shell, and a soft cloth lining. They aren't as bulky as other options and can be worn discreetly under a swim suit or trunks. These pants have the added benefit of being usable as a swim diaper, diaper cover, or fixation garment to hold pads or guards.

Tight fitting vinyl or plastic pants can also be used, though a pant with an inner lining is preferred.

No matter what you choose, incontinence does not have to hinder your aquatic activities, so get back in the water and enjoy!

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