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Welcome to Adult Diaper News Network Thursday, July 18 2019 @ 11:53 AM EDT

'Real' women recreate famous Victoria's Secret catwalk wearing incontinence pants

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YEAR after year, scenes from the annual Victoria's Secret Catwalk Show erupt all over social media and across billboards across the world.

However, "real" women have now recreated the iconic Angel poses by modelling black incontinence pads in images that have been plastered all over London's Oxford Street.

Instead of supermodels like Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel wearing shimmering statement bras, these everyday angels have been photographed wearing simple black underwear designed for women who suffer from bladder weakness.

TENA's new campaign images - which have been splashed on billboards and bus stops on Oxford Street - were created to celebrate the launch of the brand's new Silhouette Noir underwear.
The brand's new product has been designed to look and feel more like standard underwear instead of incontinence pants in a bid to boost wearer's confidence.

The launch of Sihouette Noir comes after a recent survey of 2,000 women found that three quarters of women (unsurprisingly) said that wearing the perfect underwear can come as a huge confidence boost.

Meanwhile, a further 63 per cent said they feel sexier if they are wearing proper fitted underwear which fits them properly and works well with their outfit.

Anna McCrory, senior brand manager for TENA said: “For many women, the underwear you have on can really affect your confidence and how you feel, even though most will never be seen by anyone else.

“Just knowing you have a matching set on, or underwear you know fits you perfectly and makes you look good can put a real spring in your step.

“Unfortunately, for women who suffer from incontinence or bladder weakness, they often don’t get the same feeling from their underwear.

“But just because you need to wear incontinence underwear, you shouldn’t have to let go of your self-esteem or sexiness."

As many as 10 million women in the UK will experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives and previous research has found that the current incontinence pads on offer wreak havoc on their confidence.

The study also found that 62 per cent of women who wear incontinence pads worry about leaking while a further 18 per cent say they wouldn't feel sexy wearing them.

Commenting on the new campaign, 48-year old Vanessa Swannell - who has experienced incontinence for almost 30 years - said: “As a woman who has experienced bladder weakness for more than half of her life, this campaign is a breath of fresh air.
“Bladder weakness is still a taboo subject and is rarely discussed in the mainstream, despite one in three women experiencing the condition.

"I feel passionately that this project will help empower women like me to feel more confident and sexier. Why shouldn’t women with incontinence feel beautiful and attractive.”

Anna McCrory, senior brand manager for TENA UK, said: “Despite the fact that one in three women experience bladder weakness, it remains a taboo subject for many of us."

What's more, the study also found that the average women owns up to 20 pairs of underwear - and classic briefs are the most popular.

This foolproof pant is closely followed by the bikini, thong and boy shorts style.

Unsurprisingly, black continues to be the most popular colour - with white, multi-coloured, pink and blue holding runner-up positions.


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  • 'Real' women recreate famous Victoria's Secret catwalk wearing incontinence pants
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