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Wearing Diapers for a More Active Life

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Some people think that wearing diapers will restrict their daily life. The truth is actually the opposite. My level of incontinence can be managed by wearing a pull-up undergarment, but if I do so I am limited to a couple hours of out-of-home activity before I need to change, something I don't like to do in public restrooms.

On the other hand, when I am wearing a quality diaper I can be out and about for many hours without fear of leaks or accidents. Today's disposables come in options to last up to 8-12 hours, putting music festivals and extended outings back on the table. Super-absorbent diapers also eliminate the need for public restroom changes most of the time.

Even cloth diapers or all-in-one washables can provide longer protection than undergarments or pads.

So, if you need incontinence products, or want the security of knowing you are protected: diaper up! Be comfortable, confident and dry.

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  • Wearing Diapers for a More Active Life
  • Authored by:BarbieJoanne on Tuesday, April 16 2019 @ 01:36 AM EDT
I could not agree more. When I first became incontinent, I was mortified of wearing diapers out of the house. Bulky skirts, sweat pants, and good bye form fitting outfits......but as time went on, I realized being incontinent was who I was, and it was up to me to decided whether it defined me or not, so I chose not.

For everyday yes I wear thicker diapers, but I adjust my clothing to hide or at least minimize the fact. However when I want to be more feminine and wear more form fitting outfits, then I use good night pullups. Yes I am blessed with a smaller frame and get away with it. Yes I have to change more frequently, and yes, that does mean changing in public restrooms, but again, i am not going to allow diapers and incontinence define who I am and what I am going to do.

With that said, there are some limitations, no more tiny bikinis in public....:-)